Sturgeon Community Hospital Emergency and Ambulatory Care Expansion

The project fulfills a programmatic need for the municipality and re-organizes clinical and non-clinical functions on the site. The program called for an expanded Emergency Department, Orthopaedics, IV therapy, Outpatients and Endoscopy together with support functions of Health Records, Admitting, Executive Administration and Physician Support.

In addition a new main entry was created for the building. The parti was developed around the creation of a new public square that provides a civic opportunity at the heart of the project. The previous Ambulatory Support Building undertaken in 2004 by HIP commenced this process and led to the development of clearly defined entrance points to the facility.

Existing internal circulation patterns were examined and nodal interfaces developed that minimized inter-departmental circulation while ensuring the necessary separation of public and private spaces. Departments were organized to fi t existing constraints and proximities while ensuring that construction could proceed with minimum disruption to existing activities.

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