Shaw Auditorium

Through the utilization of modern methods of construction and materials that employ a file-fabrication-field approach, Shaw Auditorium manages to transform a constrained below grade service space into an innovative and engaging internationally accessible, medical lecturing and learning space. The facility serves as a focal transition between the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute above and the Alberta Cardiovascular and Stroke Research Centre (ABACUS) beside.

Mirroring the automotive / aeronautical industries the project is seen as the assembly of a kit of parts. A detailed analysis of the program and the exacting technical requirements related to the lecture / learning experience drove a seamless approach to design and construction. This process resulted in highly coordinated construction activities that minimized delays due to design error and unforeseen circumstances. In addition construction waste and site labour were significantly reduced minimizing dust / VOC’s during the commissioning of the Heart Institute above.

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