Rossdale Water Innovation Centre

The EPCOR Water for Life Centre is a proposal for the adaptive re-use of the EPCOR Rossdale Power Plant. The Rossdale site ceased power generation in 2009 after 120 years of service. The site has evolved from its humble beginnings to become a landmark for Edmonton and contains a number of Provincially Designated buildings. Through consultation with the local community and stakeholders,
EPCOR has explored alternative uses for the site as they seek to reuse the designated buildings and fulfill their mandate to return the site to public use.
The Water For Life Centre aims to be a facility dedicated to research, demonstration and education for drinking water. Laboratories and support functions are housed in the designated buildings and a new addition provides a public interface and corporate media centre. This strengthens the relationship to the river and generates a new public realm with echoes of the industrial past. The proposal aims to be a carbon neutral development and seeks a comprehensive response to sustainability and the continued use of the site.

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