Mother Rosalie Health Services

The Mother Rosalie Health Services Centre at the Misericordia Hospital was the final chapter in Capital Health’s initiative to reclaim acute clinical space within their existing hospitals. Preceded by similar buildings at the Grey Nuns Hospital, Sturgeon Community Hospital and Leduc Community Hospital, the Misericordia building built on HIP`s experience and refi ned the building typology. The 50,000 square foot building was located in close proximity to the main hospital entrance to create an urban edge to the site and assist in patient wayfinding from the main parking lot. A generous canopy identifies the entrance to the building which connects to a patient waiting area and link to the main hospital.

The building contains medical clinics / offices under the group D occupancy classification to reduce some of the technical requirements of traditional hospital construction. This enabled a more economical structure to be realized that borrowed heavily from commercial forms of construction and utilized a fast track construction management form of procurement.

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