Immigration Hall

Immigration Hall is an austere example of the largely denatured classicism characteristic of many federal buildings from the period. Constructed in 1930 with an addition in 1954 that matched the original design, the building is classically proportioned with an ordered symmetrical facade. The centrepiece of the utilitarian interior is a main lobby and split staircase that has been restored and enhanced with a new stair at the upper level giving access to a green roof and amenity area. The redevelopment of the building and site aims to create a holistic approach to urban living. Two new exterior public areas are created between the 1954 addition and the property line to provide a welcome retreat from the neighbouring city. The redevelopment of Immigration Hall has seen the creation of 21 long term transitional housing units and 25 independent living units for Hope Mission.

HIP’s use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and a truely Integrated Delivery Process (IDP) enabled the creation of a detailed documentation of the original building and facilitated the seamless completion of additions and alterations.

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