Fort Edmonton Selkirk Hotel

The Fort Edmonton Society engaged HIP Architects to design a replica of the original Selkirk Hotel, a building that once stood in the heart of the city at the turn of the centry. Original drawings and an extensive archive of black and white photographs provided insight for both the exterior and interior of the project and were used as a basis for the new building. A survey of remaining Edmonton buildings from the era was also conducted to catalogue the typical materials of the time. Such details as having appropriate brick moulds and the slimmer brick used at the time testify to the HIP’s attention to detail for this special project.

Current code applications and modern hotel requirements were demanding criteria for the new facility. The planning and design requirements set by the operators were incorporated into the project in a manner that complemented the historic nature. Although the building is an entirely new construction, the replica is very convincing. The entry lobbies and reception rooms are remarkably close to what would have been in the original building.

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