Derrick Club Renovations

In response to a member survey and positioning analysis conducted by the Derrick club, HIP Architects was selected to conduct a master planning study that would give the club strategic direction for their long term program. This planning was undertaken through hands-on workshops with the Club’s Planning Committee. Through a series of conceptual master planning studies a final concept was agreed on and was presented to the members by the Planning Committee. The completion of this stage allowed HIP Architects to undertake the built works for the first two phases outlined in the master plan. The first phase of construction comprised a new curved building frontage that housed reception, lobby, administration and an upper fl oor of fitness space. Behind this an open courtyard and pool area was enclosed and a new state of the art pool was built. This is now the visual central focus of the club. The second phase involved an overall upgrade to public spaces, including washrooms and change rooms to create an integrated seamless experience throughout the club.

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