CKUA Radio Edmonton Broadcast Centre

CKUA, one of the jewels in public broadcasting, had occupied a constricted building on Jasper Avenue since the 1940’s. HIP studied various scenarios for redevelopment on separate sites and locations to allow the station to continue to build their significant role in Alberta culture. In the fall of 2010 CKUA decided to acquire the reconstructed historic Alberta Hotel building from a developer. This building is very strategically located across from the Shaw Conference Centre and adjacent to Canada Place and the downtown arts district. The irregular footprint of the building resulted in innovative space planning of departments. The design was driven to invite the community to enjoy the successes and history of the station, including its extensive music collection from nearly 90 years of broadcasting. The building has many public interface components, the most engaging being a multipurpose performance area for live music and other public presentations. The room’s large glass wall opens toward the arts district to the north, with large doors that allow the space to spill out into a nearby park.

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