Brownlee Building

HIP was asked by the assistant deputy minister of Infrastructure to undertake an operational review of the Brownlee Building one of the Provincial Government’s major office building assets. The planning of the original building was driven by a tree-like structural system which had resulted in low occupancy and difficult mechanical and electrical system design. The building was thought to have Sick Building Syndrome. A full building analysis was done of all occupied and unoccupied spaces along with a draft engineering revamp. A series of restacking plans were done for existing and new tenants along with a budget and delivery schedule for re-engineering and re-populating the building. The client accepted all aspects of the recommendations and work started on a 3 year phased retrofit. New open plan office module standards were developed along with more user friendly wire management and mechanical distribution. The net result after the phased redevelopment was a huge increase in usability of the work environment along with excellent environmental workspace.

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