Art Gallery of Alberta

HIP Architects were approached by Randall Stout Architects to partner in the delivery of the new Art Gallery of Alberta. Collectively, HIP and RSA shared common goals; to provide a building that is a comprehensive response to their clients’ needs, project site, program, budget, and schedule. The response is a ‘made in Edmonton’ solution that balances expressive forms with climatic challenges. Conceived as an engaging and stimulating center for contemporary art in Edmonton while celebrating its prominent location on Sir Winston Churchill Square, the project represents the museum’s commitment to enhancing the public’s experience of the visual arts. Transparent glazing planes and reflective metal surfaces animate the building, exposing the activities within and engaging people and art at multiple levels on both the interior and exterior. Selected to refl ect Edmonton’s dramatic weather patterns and the extreme contrast of the long days of summer and the short days of winter, these materials create a dynamic quality that allow the building to transform along with its natural surroundings.

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